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Handcrafted Wood Boxes by David Pascoe (1947 - 2018)
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About My Work

by David Pascoe


I create two basic types of boxes; those that are intended to be practical, such as keepsake boxes, men's storage boxes, CD storage boxes and my "medication minder" series, and boxes with a greater emphasis on artistic design, and less on practicality.

With these later - in category "Artistic Boxes", for lack of better words, - while they can still serve useful purposes, the intent is primarily to function as art. My art boxes are almost exclusively one-of-a-kind items that are not reproduced in a series.

Boxes in other categories, while serving for more practical purposes, my motivation is always to make them pleasing and decorative objects.

One of the things that sets my work apart from nearly all others is my use of a high gloss exterior finish to create a gleaming object d'art. The reason why other craftsmen apply only dull finishes is that a gloss finish is difficult and very time-consuming. The finish consists of 4-8 coats of urethane varnish, applied by hand, that is very durable and completely water resistant.

While all woods change color over time (particularly when exposed to sunlight) and darken to some degree, I choose primarily woods that are resistant to color change.

As the viewer can see, I spend much of my time conjuring up new designs that begin with some of the world's finest figured hardwoods, often mated with metals such as brass and aluminum. My objective is usually to highlight the special qualities of the wood in a pleasing and harmonious design, but occasionally I succumb to whimsy and turn out something that is, well, simply amusing.

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Handcrafted artistic  wood boxes
Artistic Boxes
Keepsake boxes: Handcrafted decorative hardwood boxes
Keepsake Boxes
Men's boxes: Handcrafted decorative hardwood boxes
Men's Boxes
CD or DVD storage boxes: Handcrafted decorative  hardwood boxes
CD or DVD Storage Boxes
Medication Minders: Handcrafted, Decorative wood boxes  - Pill Boxes with a 7 day pill tray and  storage for pill bottles
Medication Minders


David Pascoe's boxes are handcrafted individually and unique.

Images are those of actual boxes ready for immediate shipment, except a few marked as 'Made to order".

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