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Handcrafted Wood Boxes by David Pascoe (1947 - 2018)
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Handcrafted Wood Keepsake Boxes

Individually Handmade Wood Boxes Made of Exotic and Domestic Hardwoods

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Handcrafted Wood Box:
Large Keepsake Box 
with Sliding Tray

Large Keepsake Box L-24

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Exterior dimensions:

12-1/8" x 9-3/4" x 5-1/4"

Interior dimensions:
11" x 8-13/16"x 3-3/4"

Depth under the tray:

Tray interior dimensions:

4-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 1"

Camphor Burl, Maple Burl, Snake Wood

Finish: Polished acrylic lacquer

Liner - Leather bottom liner

Brass hinges

Gold plated chain top retainer


This box is made of thick camphor burl veneer laminated over alcer.


On upper back corner on left side, there is a bark inclusion, shown on 6th photo and the close-up on last photo.

Burl wood , by nature, has many flaws.? In fact a burl IS a flaw in wood that happens to be very atractive.

In this case, the burl has only one inclusion. So it stands out.


About Burl Wood

Some people get upset at the sight of "defects" in burl wood. Burls themselves are a defect in a tree, a sort of cancerous growth that grows along with the tree. Unlike cancer, burls do not  affect the health of a tree.

Because they grow in a random pattern, a burl will grow over other things such as bark. Then they fold over itself along the lines of making pizza dough. Thus burl wood nearly always contains voids and occlusions of bark.

Sometimes voids are so unsightly that we feel compelled to fill it, but whatever we use it still ends up looking like a filled hole. Its a question of whether filling a hole improves or  harms the appearance. As for bark inclusions; these are considered to add character to the wood and I, along wiht most othet craftsmen, do not remove them.


Additional Views

Handmade large wood box with sliding tray - open view

Large handmade decorative wood keepsake box top  - maple burl framed in snake  wood, camphor burl

Camphor burl box front - Handmade large decorative wood keepsake box with sliding tray

Camphor burl box end - Handmade large wood keepsake box

Camphor burl box end - Handmade large wood keepsake box

Handmade decorative wood keepsake box top close up


Handmade box with sliding tray open view



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