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Handcrafted Wood Men's Valet Boxes

Individually Handmade Wood Boxes made of Exotic and Domestic Hardwoods

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Large Valet Box for Men

Men's Valet Box VL-13
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Men's Boxes



Exterior dimension:

10-5/8" x 9" x 2-13/16"

Interior dimensions:

9-5/8" x 8-1/16" x 2"

Cocobolo, Red Mallee Burl, Snakewood, Holly

Finish - Acrylic lacquer finish

Liner - Green velvet bottom liner

Solid brass hinges and handle

Goldplated chain top retainer


This stunning box has a base of thick cocobolo veneer 1/8" laminated over cherry.

The top is solid cocobolo with a centerpiece of snakewood, holly stringing and red mallee burl which includes both hearwood and sapwood.


Due to nature of snakewood which tends to have checks, top front and back snakewood have shallow horizontal checks (cracks), as seen in two close-up photos at the end.

Additional Views

Top left back close-up

Top left front close-up


Currently Available Men's valet boxes
  • Handrafted wood box- Large men's valet box made of Bolivian rosewood with pattern top of crotch walnut, lacewood, holly, Hawaiian Koa
    with Sliding Tray
  • Handmade wood box - Men's valet box, keepsake box made of macassar ebony
  • Handmade wood box - Men's valet box made of macassar ebony with  Italian olive ends
  • Handmade wood box - Men's valet box or keepsake box made of  Hawaiian Koa
  • Handmade wood box - Men's valet box made of Santos rosewood with spalted maple ends

Last updated December 19, 2012. Posted  October 13, 2012