www.pascoewoodart.com Handcrafted Wood Boxes by David Pascoe (1947 - 2018)
Handcrafted Wood Boxes by David Pascoe (1947 - 2018)

David Pascoe's Signature Boxes

Suspended boxes with pillars and unique handmade hinges

Note: You will find all suspended boxes with pillars in "Artistic Boxes" category and "Weekly Pill Boxes" category.

Sometimes I'm asked if bridges inspired my suspension series of boxes. 

Actually, they weren't and I didn't think of bridges until "Black Bridge", the fifth in the series, even though the boxes resemble them.  The Caboose series name was inspired by .... what else? Old fashioned cabooses.

No, my idea was always to find new ways to design a basic box. The idea of suspending it on two pillars is a natural as there is no reason why a box must sit flat on a surface. Suspending it on pilasters gives a new dimension one can't get in any other way. The concept offers numerous avenues for alternatives, which I continue to exploit.

Caboose is my most popular box and one that I like best because it combines the elements of both a bridge and a vehicle. Like most good designs, it didn't come to me fully baked; rather it evolved over time. Starting as a suspension box with epaulets, it ended up, by using red Padauk wood, as a caboose with headlights.


His weekly pill organizer series have suspended boxes with pillars as well. Here's one of suspended pill boxes.

Handmade decorative wood weekly pill organizer
Suspended Pill Box SP-9


A few More Boxes