Handcrafted Wood Boxes by David Pascoe (1947 - 2018)
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Handcrafted Wood Men's Valet Boxes

Handcrafted wood men's valet box, decorative keepsake box made of walnut with spalted maple burl inlaid top framed with Asian ebony, with Ceylon satinwood trims
Men's Valet Box V-15

7-15/16" x 6-1/8 " x 2-3/4"

Walnut, Spalted Maple Burl, Asian Ebony, Ceylon Satinwood

Finish -
High gloss urethane finish outside, satin acrylic inside

Brass hinges

Liner- Tan leather bottom line

Additional Views

Handmade wood men's valet box, keepsake box - open view

Handcrafted wood men's valet box - walnut front view

Decorative wood men's valet box, keepsake box - walnut side view


Last uodated May 24, 2023. Posted November 17, 2010. 
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