Handcrafted Wood Boxes by David Pascoe (1947 - 2018)
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Decorative weekly pill box - Honduras rosewood handmade pill box with Boise de rose ends, inlaid ebony, satinwood and bloodwood stripes
Weekly Pill Organizer Pill Box S-32

10-7/16" x 2-5/8" x 1-5/16"

Honduras rosewood, Boise de rose, Ebony, Ceylon satinwood, Bloodwood

Finish- Acrylic satin finish

This box uses a small but extremely fine piece of aged Honduras rosewood that I've saved for special projects such as this pill box with striped off-set bands.

Over the course of several years I've not been able to find any more like it, a brown with a purplish cast to it and very fine grain.

The offset inlay consists of stripes of ebony, satinwood and bloodwood.

The ends are boise de rose, both true rosewoods of the genus Dalbergia. 

Boise de rose is chartreuse when first cut and then turns purplish-black on exposure to air and is widely used in perfume making.

Additional Views

Handmade wood 7 day pill organizer - open view

Honduras rosewood pill box top with inlaid stripes of ebony, satinwood, bloodwood - Decorative weekly pill box

Boie de rose pill box end view


Last updated May 29, 2023.  Posted November 6, 2009.  
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