Handcrafted Wood Boxes by David Pascoe (1947 - 2018)
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Handmade wood pill box - Decorative wood weekly pill organizer made of bois de rose
Weekly Pill Organizer Pill Box S-46

11"-1/4 x 3-1/8" x 1-3/8"

Bois de Rose

Finish: Alkyd varnish and machine polised to a mirror finish

Brass hinges


Bois de Rose laminated over aspen for a high contrast interior.

Bois de Rose (French for red wood) is the original rosewood, named as much for its color as its smell which is like roses.

The wood itself has long been used to make perfume.

This box has 8 coats of alkyd varnish and is machine polised to a mirror finish.

Additional Views

Handmade wood pill box - 7 day pill organizer - Open view

Handmade wood pill box - Decorative weekly pill organizer - Bois de Rose box top

Bois de Rose pill box end - Handmade decorative weekly pill box

Bois de Rose close up - Handmade weekly pill box


Last updated May 28, 2023. Posted January 20, 2011.  
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