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Exotic and Domestic Hardwoods

Caboose III


Padauk, figured maple and aluminum box - Caboose III

Additional views below

Padauk, figured maple and aluminum box - Caboose III
Open View

Padauk, figured maple and aluminum box - Caboose III
Another view

Caboose III
Simulated color taken in darker light:
How the Padauk of the box will look like after
naturally darkened over the period of time.
The maple will not darken.

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Artistic Boxes


Padauk, figured maple and aluminum

Finish - eighteen coats of polished lacquer

Handmade hinges of aluminum and brass

13-1/2" x 5-3/4" x 5"

Box body is fashioned from a rare and beautiful piece of marbled maple suspended between padauk and aluminum pilasters and is ultra-suede lined.

Finish is eighteen coats of polished lacquer. Hinges are hand-made of aluminum and brass.

This is a significantly larger version of my earlier Caboose.

The bright red Padauk will age over time to? a dark mahogany color.

Note: In the photos shown here are both dark and light versions.

The lighter versions reveal the actual, current color while the darker versions (taken with less light) bring out the figuring of the wood.

Over a period of time the red wood will naturally darken to about what you seen in the darker pictures at the bottom.




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Posted June 17, 2007, last modified December 22, 2007  

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